Saturday, January 26, 2013

You make me crazy

Today was a great day, for both the troublemakers are not present. 

I seriously pity those who live their lives feeling inadequate until they have to tell stories about others, even making up stories as they go along. And how 'lucky' for those who get caught at their first try. Even if you're younger than others, that is not an excuse. You should just go and live with the fairies and gnomes if you really have 'fantasies'.

One made up stories having a guy fancy her, and that she does not like him at all. But why do we see the girl all giggly and playing with her hair in plain view of the guy? The girl even put the blame on me when she was caught playing favorite game on the guy. And when the guy was asked if he is interested in the said girl, he is truly shocked and disagreed. So girl, who's fancying who actually? Don't make yourself a sad case, please.
To the guy, sorry I had a bad impression of you young fella. My bad. I should have learn more about you before making second guesses. Bad sister-figure I am :p Nice knowing you, let's have a great time working together.

The other girl was super friendly with everyone when she started, even more so with the guys. Then she told someone that the guys are all after her..touching her all the time, bla bla bla. Who's touching who? What are you intending to start here? Why, the kids these days are so 'creative' that they are so imaginative. Or are they seeing things in their head? Should I send them to get professional opinion?

Now I'm so happy I let this out :)

Truly satisfied!    
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♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Those people like that are sorts of scumbags (pardon my pun).

They thought that world is a playground. They just forgot that even playground has danger things.


PatinPasta said...

La isk. Kes kurang kasih sayang kah? Attention seekers pon ye jugak.

Apa2 pon, those fries look awesome!

cahya indah said...

Zara, probably we should have them eat their own medicine someday.

cahya indah said...

Kak Aida, definitely attention seekers. They can create stories to make sure their lives are all glitz and glam to others.

SAD really.

The fries memang fav, all curly fries are :)