Monday, January 21, 2013


I was in KL yesterday, and had the chance to go around the Food exhibition in Midvalley. Other than getting samples to taste, I had my eye on this baby.

Maybe some day I'd have that for my own use at home. I can't help but drool thinking about it - I could make my own frothy cappuccino and lounge at home watching the clouds all day. My uncle in Penang said that he had his eye on this one model that costs around 3k, but this baby costs double maybe coz it's using the pod coffee.
Image via Mistercoffee
That made it less interesting than La Marzocco, in my eyes.
Image via Espresso machines

I love what we're currently using even if it's old fashioned to others. It's just fascinating to hear the grinding sound of the Astoria, when you pull the lever and stamp the ground espresso. Then you can see the perfect shot coming out with the crema, body and heart - each with it's own color.

With that I could say I would not take a second look at Verismo and Mastrena, even if they're so called better. What satisfaction can you get if all it takes is just a push on a button?

And yeah, I have the urge to open my own cozy, little cafe when I look at them. Something like the one in Coffee Prince. Dreaming again.. :p


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

How I wish I can buy something like this too as well.


cahya indah said...

let's open our own cafe one day dear :)