Tuesday, February 16, 2010

test the water before wading in the pool

after toying with the idea, our family decided to carry out the family day this holiday and bring together most of the members. and with the help of a friend of the family, we managed to get hold of a resort which haven't been fully booked yet (you know how it is during the holiday season). the resort is known as Lake Garden Resort, i think ( i couldn't be bothered to memorize the name) which is located near the lake in A.Keroh. from the outside it looked shabby, like it haven't been cared for so long..but the interior is pleasing enuff. we are very much delighted with the facilities..although not much, but we can still make use of them..the swimming pool of course, and the tennis court for the games.
we arrived in the afternoon of the 14th and settled in while waiting for the others to show up.
all of us were there the first night and we had barbecue dinner and fried rice with the other stuff.
the next morning, we started the day with aerobics led by my cousin and then we had breakfast before the games.
we were divided into 4 teams and had a lively time taking part in the games.
most of the time we were just thrilled to be there and be with our family, having a fabulous vacation. the last of the three days jaunt was marked by the photo session of each of the family and then all of us together, but there were also some of us who had to go back early and thus didn't get the chance to be in the photos.
our next outing is yet to be confirmed, but most prolly it would be a trip to somewhere..i really can't wait for that :)