Sunday, February 14, 2010

who reached the peak first?

this was taken yesterday at my friend, Fizan's wedding. he got married first, and left us thinking. we were not really keen on the idea of getting married so early in life, but i guess everyone was forced to at least feel something :p. after the wedding..the 6 of us, all girls decided to continue our "gossip session" at another place. it was not often we can get together like that and we grabbed the opportunity, of course. Zana would follow in Fizan's footsteps next month..coincidentally on the 13th too. one by one is following suit i guess. while some of us are not in a hurry, we still groaned in 'agony' when we heard this person already got married, this person is taken, that person is not available anymore..
well, to each their own..and of course, time is of the essence..but tgk la each person's goal kn..(sj nk comfort myself :p)


Anazus said...

bad!!!its me zana k!!!u also can follow us if u want la!!!come 2 da club..hahaha
wish me luck dear...

diya said...

zana..harus la nk join the club. sape xnk? but not now kot..mcm lame lg je..
all the best keyh..tggal 2 weeks je nih, well..x smpai 2 weeks pun kn..hehe