Friday, February 18, 2011

am i too late?

i'm catching up with the list of John Grisham's books available - some are not to my liking, but the others like The Runaway Jury, A Time To Kill, The Rainmaker, The Street Lawyer, and The Pelican Brief caught my interest.
pictures googled
i wonder if the movies can make me feel the same way the books did. i'm skeptical, coz whenever i'd anticipate a great movie..they would be a letdown somehow. this reminds me of  'Ombak Rindu' the movie taken from the same titled novel by Fauziah Ashari - how would Malaysian heartthrob Aaron Aziz fare in the movie, along with Maya Karin?

on another note, the 'kid' made my heart fluttered wildly when he's less than a feet away a couple of days ago. i think it's the first time that happened. maybe i need to avoid his usual places to minimize contact.. *sigh*

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reena said...

A Time Ti Kill the movie best.