Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sabah. day 1

after thinking about all d stuff n changing d location from China cz of d influenza thingy to lots of other places, we decided to go to d land below d wind. i guess Sabah really is IN right now, cz everyone talked about Sabah these days, even d newspapers. not that newspapers could talk :P

d original plan was to go there on Friday n come back on Sunday cz my youngest bro had some motivational camp until Thursday. but, we decided to make him come home a bit early. so we took an evening flight on Thursday and arrived there around 10pm, cz d flight was delayed for a while. smpai je mmg da pnat n starving, even tho da mkn during d flight :P lpas check in terus g makan kat kedai mamak near d hotel, nasib rasa sama mcm kat cni..if not mmg x lalu la nk mkn. d hotel was very nice, tp ade technical prob lak with d room..lgsg xley tido hampeh tul. ley pulak xde bilik lain yg vacant. tpakse la tahan. d next morning terus check out.

pagi tu while waiting for our rented car, we went for a walk nearby. rupenye dkat gler ngan waterfront n d markets. tp kat sane matahari naik cpat sket from here, baru pkul brape je da panas cm tengahari. tgk2 stuff kat Pasar Kraftangan KK, mula2 mmg x interested pun. cz we didn't know that is d Filipino market, apparently they changed d name already. konon2 x heran la kat ctu, sbb nk g Filipino market kn..haha

then we started off to Penampang, cz it's Friday n there's Tamu on Thursdays n Fridays kat sane. da jln punye jauh smpai da xde signboard lagi br tanye org, rupenyer da tlepas, kne la backtrack balik. Tamu tu kat tengah2 pekan Dongongan..da la mula2 smpai kat tmpat yg slh jugak. i said to my mom, "xkn la sket sgt gerai2 ni ley jadi Tamu lak?" pastu tanye those ppl, br taw kat another area yg x jauh from there. mcm2 :P

tp i was kinda let down when i saw it, mmg la besar n bnyk brg. but d scene planted in my head was really different from what i saw. da slalu pk Tamu tu mcm gmbr dlm buku teks skolah dlu2..old ladies yg duduk atas mats or whatever, jual brg yg letak on d ground..smethg like that la kan,hehe. yg ni da moden la, like d usual pasar tani or whatever u call it mcm kat semenanjung ni jugak. n they sell baju bundle, bags n d usual..same je. makanan pun lebey kurang sama kot, kueh2 diorg besar sket..50cents per piece. tasted their apam balik, no good. they're more of d homecooked food kinda ppl kot, cz fresh stuff lagi bnyk. we didn't buy much food from vendors, cz xtaw yg mana satu halal n which aren't..except for those wearing tudung la kn. so lunch was KFC not adventurous..

lpas tu jln2 sket, went to Lok Kawi..patah balik, then lepak kat Tg.Aru jap.

then petang tu ktorg g d museum pulak. normal historical stuff, some interesting jugak even tho i'm very not into history. but i really prefer these stuff kat luar, cz ley amek gmbr..kat dlm xley :P

dinner was awesome..we went to Sinsuran, makan place beside d Pasar Kraftangan KK a.k.a Filipino Market. it was smokey ;) best kat cni d attraction was d seafood. ikan bakar, sotong bakar, udang bakar..n ade jugak stuff that i don't really recognize. i baca ade yg tulis umai, but since i don't know how my tastebuds n stomach wud react..better not..hehe. ade other types of food like fried mee n fried rice n nk watpe mkn tu kn. d seafood was really bro kurang ske, cz he said same je..sume bakar. he preferred to have our kind of ikan bakar place yg ade sweet sour fish n stuff, but i ske je Sinsuran's seafood, they're mostly larger in size some more..n i had ABC too. yg peliknye, kat cni ABC die ade masukkn macaroni skali..their recipe kot, cz every stall pun ade macaroni. i x mkn la macaroni dlm ABC tu, cz i don't eat supposedly savoury stuff with sweets..mmg la macaroni x rasa ape2 kn, but mmg xley la..

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