Sunday, June 28, 2009


it was really great today, coz i get to meet dee again ;) gosh i really miss her..even after meeting up. i guess i'll have to plan another time to meet her again soon.

i told her i would meet her at the entrance coz she carried a lot of stuff..but, i forgot my way in Midvalley. imagine that :P. yeah, i forgot the way to the commuter's entrance. then i thought i'd go find it through Jusco, and tried to find Orange Sorbet so i could go out there and meet her. seems that since the last time i've been there, i mean really been there..there were changes in Jusco..haha. so i lost my way for a few minutes and had to ask dee for the directions. i used to know where everythg is, but i guess it's been too long.

after loading the stuff dee carried in the car, we decided to have lunch. we thought of having laksa in Jusco, like the usual. we had that everytime we met in Midvalley. then, dee suggested we eat at Carl's Jr. we dunno whether to share or eat on our own. i'm glad we shared, coz the serving was really HUGE. we can't even finish everythg we ordered, which were double guacamole somethg somethg..couldn't rmmber the exact name ;P, beef chilli fries and chicken strips. we stuffed ourselves until we couldn't take it in time there would have to be another person joining us, coz 2 person just can't eat everythg. the burger's alright, but i think the beef with the fries could use some's not spicy enuff, just tasted like curry to me.

then we wandered around, trying on some stuff and bought some. we thought we'd wait for a while before we can eat again :P i know, what were we thinking? we were both looking forward to the laksa, and i thought i could grab some takoyaki..maybe next time.

owh, we browsed around for rings too..for dee, not for me. Wah Chan was having a big promotion, seems that you could get 60%+20% discount..check it out. and we looked around in Tomei too. but i don't think i like those rings too much, maybe it's just me coz i have different taste maybe? but dee said she prefers Habib's. i wish it would work out as planned and hoped, dear ;)

and i hope we could see each other again soon..


iqbal said...

you're in KL and u didn't let me know..?? :(

Anonymous said...

mengapa tidak:)