Sunday, March 13, 2011

of ignorance

the very last article i read in a newspaper that's engraved deeply in my mind was the one in 5th March's copy of NST..'Wat-er waste of water'

and i'm having headache everytime this person i know heads off to the bathroom. it would take nearly an hour of who knows whatever she does in there before she deems herself done. it only has a shower head, and not a huge, white bath tub where one can sink under the delightful bubbles and into the sweet-smelling, stress-relieving aromatherapy oil mixed water bath.

I've been hinting to her since forever that she took a mighty long time to finish, but she'd just flash her smile at me while saying, "Did I really take a long time in there?"

It would be a tad bit fine if there is nothing to rush for, but even during peak hours when everyone needs to get ready for something..she'd lingered in there taking her own sweet time. Does she think that the traffic would stop and wait for her to finish playing with water?

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