Friday, March 4, 2011

here we come

we went to Putrajaya days after the trip to BNM, where the 'main' purpose was to go to the Statistics Department and then to Alamanda. Alamanda was the only thing our lecturer raved about, whenever he talked about the trip. maybe he was that excited to go home.

the people there showed us the manuals they used and all sorts of statistics right to the smallest detail. and i bet they'll be happy to walk us through all the process, if they were given enough time. all i know is that they have to work really hard with all those numbers to be analyzed. 

see that picture, everyone was grinning and smiling from ear to ear thinking about the serious part that had just ended and the fun part that was about to begin. ;p

actually the driver was reluctant to let us go to Alamanda, just because it was not in the itinerary. it was standard procedure and known by everyone - you don't include all the fun part in the paperwork. our lecturer was frustrated with the driver when he heard about it in the morning. but it was solved when one of the girls in the committee went to talk to the driver. then our lecturer joked about sending girls into the war zone from then onwards..haha.

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