Sunday, March 27, 2011

the warrior

when my friend asked me to tag along to watch the movie Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa a.k.a The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines, I'm expecting nothing. I've had my share of Malay movies and somehow had declared not to fall into the ruse of watching them at the cinema.

Then again, I'm pleased that I decided to give in to my friend's yearning to watch the movie.

I'm blown away by the fact that it is one of our own. kudos to KRU Studios, and especially to Yusry Abdul Halim for directing such impressive movie. I heard it was very challenging for him.
And Khir Rahman definitely looked the part as Kamawas, the bad guy. Gavin Stenhouse and Jing Lu are also not bad. Actually I love their encounter before they were ambushed by the Geruda ;). This film is remarkable, go watch it at your nearest cinema.

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oh, i almost forgot one incident i saw yesterday. I saw a guy sniffing glue in the bus. he was traveling alone and was carrying a plastic bag along. when i got a whiff of the glue, i didn't think it was from inside the bus. i thought somebody was using it elsewhere and the wind brought the odour with it. but my friend asked me if the guy was inhaling the thing, and when i turned my head to his was clear he was sniffing glue in the PUBLIC for god's sake. i don't know what is happening to the world these days.. sigh

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