Wednesday, March 2, 2011

coming of age

i'm still waiting to see the bulk of photos taken during two academic trips we had on Monday and last Thursday. the thing is most of them would take too much photos - they went clicking nonstop from before we boarded the bus until right the end of the journey, and their specialities would be the sleeping photos :p that's why i made sure i didn't fall asleep at all. kids.. *sigh*

the big news is >>>>> i'm going to cast my vote on Sunday (hint: my hometown is one of the famous places in Malaysia right now). it's my first one peeps. i thought i don't have to participate in it, but yesterday my dad said my name's in the list. i'm nervous to fulfill my responsibility :)

there are lots of movies to be watched, and not much time available - there are lots of tests next week too..huhu

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