Wednesday, September 15, 2010

long distance relationship

or in short..LDR. that is the dreaded thing ever, and most people'd rather not be in one. Going the distance is about this couple who met and got thrown into LDR unexpectedly. it IS the hardest thing.

i wasn't keen on watching the movie after i read a review that mentioned it's not worth watching. then again, it is Drew Barrymore's. so, when my siblings wanted to watch Resident evil afterlife..i placed my bet on Going the distance. the movie's worth watching if you count out the lot of intimate scenes :p

when they first met
what they did for most of the time

during LDR

the funny thanksgiving
pictures googled

after the movie, we went to eat at Seoul Garden and now i can't even look at food. i thought of skipping dinner tonight, but mom wants to take us to this tomyam place. i'll see if i can squeeze some soup or something later :p


Ogy said...

salam ziarah....

I hate LDR!! HUHUHU tp itulah yg kena tempuh skrg ni...hati, byk2lah bersabar......

Vee said...

treasure everything, dugaan mmg bnyk kn..thanks for dropping by :)