Monday, September 13, 2010

i thee wed

took this picture from a schoolmate's facebook. they're both my former schoolmates i.e. KKBians. even though they chose to get married during the festive season (3rd day of Eid), let's just say their reception was flooded with the throng of people. the bride, dee's my bestie, my roommate, my homeroom sister, my classmate all rolled into one ;) 

me with some of the girls, i'm hating this impossible tudung
and yes, that is Suraya Anuar the make up artist. one of the successful ones from our school. after the reception, all of us..or rather all 10 cars of us continued to go visiting to three more houses in Kuala Selangor. 
listening to Shidi's dad talking
before going back
before going back. at the last house, the guys were mesmerized by an atv. i think they'd rather stay there all night :p
picture googled

i'm really tired after getting ready from early in the morning, driving a bit, then car pooling to Kuala Selangor and back, and driving back home again, arriving at home more than 12 hours after i went out.

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