Sunday, September 26, 2010


we have to attend the leadership program better known as PPKP, each semester without fail. this time, we had to go for two separate sessions - a talk by the campus director and an explorace. Yesterday we had to wait for the director due to the events he had to attend from the morning, and the officer-in-charge helped us to be less bored when he put on the movie 'Adnan Sempit'. but halfway through the movie, the director arrived.

after the talk

today, we had to go out in the rain during the afternoon for the explorace - running, panting and sweating all the way throughout the campus. we were grouped according to our class, and the boys from my class didn't attend. that made us do this logo for our group :p
our logo

i'm dead tired and even had leg cramps till now. if only i don't have to go to class tomorrow and don't need to climb the stairs *sigh*
pictures from my friend's facebook.

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