Sunday, October 3, 2010


last night i went to the Malam Pertabalan Srikandi for our own Tun Fatimah college, which is our residential block. and that's because it was the last event conducted by the current batch of committee, just as it was the last event i attend before having to rent outside next semester.

there was only a handful that attended, the others went home for the weekends and had other events to attend at the same time. it was nothing out of the ordinary..similar like the other events before this. but suddenly there was strong wind blowing a whole lot of dried leaves towards us and we started to panic. it was certainly not normal.

picture googled
then it rained and the tents started to look like they were getting to be blown off. we even shrieked at one point. my friend wanted to go back, but the rain kept on pouring. all that was on our mind was the Jasin tragedy. it was hair-raising. thank God nothing happened.

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