Saturday, October 23, 2010


i read what peej wrote about the outrageous dreams she had, and i laughed out hard with my friend.

then, it was my turn. yesterday i dreamt about this friend of mine who just got married in March, and yet he already has a girl. she's so cute..but weird thing is, she's in the color of milk chocolate - not that she can melt like one. she's so small too, just a tad bit larger than my palm. she can talk and she's totally adorable.

it was weird too when i had to climb out of holes when i need to return her to her parents, after spending time together. is this some kind of Alice in Wonderland kind of dream? not that i'm into that story or Magika etc.

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Papakeechee said...

hehhe ... after reading this i cant seem to recall what i dreamt last night altho i knew i dreamt of something ... *think papakeechee think!!!! * ... btw salam kenal ^_^

Vee said...

that always happened to me too..think all i might, but i couldn't exactly remember what it was that i dreamt of.. ;)