Monday, November 1, 2010

turning two-four

maybe i should just leave the front digit behind and say i'm 4 y.o this year
done in a sugary sweet voice while clutching the hem of my cute dress with one hand and a lolly in another :p

i'm always scared of growing up since forever. i'll think of the people older than me and see the differences between me and them, especially attitude-wise. i'll feel like there's this HUGE gap in the middle, even for those who are just one year older. they seemed to be better in everything, and i'm not. it's like i'd need years and years to catch up with them.

but whenever i turn one year older, i felt the same as before. it's like nothing changed much. but now, looking back at those years when i was clumsy and childish, and knowing next to nothing - i've grown. i'd say i'm doing okay for a 24 y.o girl and i'm looking foward to learn a lot more in life.

yeah, i turned 24 today ;)


Drama Mama said...

happy bday to u. u know what they say, age is just a number. hehehe

Vee said...

thank you for the wish ;)