Saturday, December 13, 2008

mat saleh ke??

this is about some customers i served a few days before..
they wanted to look like they're some important people, by this i mean they speak like we're not at par with them. but they made some mistake, and i had to control myself from laughing out loud in front of them. there was this two middle-aged ladies, (who would be angry if i ever call them makcik ;P) and they were talking about their family i guess. suddenly one of them started to brag about her son, saying something about him..and then she said, she looked up the dictionary and found out that the word "thought" can be shortened to "tho". she even emphasized the word, and spelled it for the other..T.H.O.U.G.H.T
i want to kill myself right in front of them, maybe after i laugh so hard until tears come streaming down my cheeks ;P
i know she would have mistaken the words, just like when we first learnt to differentiate those two at school years ago. but please, there's no need to talk like you know everything in front of us. i felt like telling them the right word, but then maybe they would think of me as a rude girl to interrupt their conversation. so i let it go..
another colleague of mine pun had a similar situation, when a family spoke in english in front of they have some standard that we don't have. ckp melayu sudah, nama pun kat need to show ur mat saleh side here..

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