Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Spending time with a colleague after work, just eating and talking really woke me up. I need more time with friends, to make my life better. Just listening to others talking and laughing my heart out (when it's really funny, of course)..I'll be content with that.

I think that's one of the things I miss the most (of the time when I was a student). To be able to easily interact with friends. To tell you the truth, I feel envious of the colleague for still having the opportunity of doing all that.

Image via Happy Rebel Therapy

Now, now..shall I go back to college? Haha..


PatinPasta said...

Hey dear,

You know what, I have the exact same thoughts! Missing the student life and wishing could turn back the time. *sigh*

But hey.. you're still young. If you feel like going back.. then do it :)

Take care!

cahya indah said...

kak Aida..I miss you. how to put up comment on your posts? tak jumpa pun.

Cahya is not that keen on studying, actually..heheh. and with the work hours of the current job, it will have to wait..pengsan nak kejar both at the same time nnt

ibundo said...

There're times when i really feel i missed my school days hikhik..
Go on cahya. Further your studies.

cahya indah said...

Bundo, missing the interaction part, going to classes part..but certainly not missing the part where I have to sit for exams and to wait for the results