Sunday, August 9, 2009

another trait i hate

imagine being in a company of someone who brags constantly..would u be happy to listen while that same person pours out whatever's in his/her own heart? and that would of course means not once or twice, but the whole day if u're unlucky enough to wrongly chose to be in his/her company.
i had to unwillingly paste a smile on my own face and pretend to be delighted and interested in whatever the person's talking about..mostly of other ppl. let them do or in this case, buy whatever they want..who do u think u are? someone big and rich enough with money to outdo everyone else u encounter in ur life?
and u don't even know most of the brands of goods..when u thot urself of being a connoisseur of big-named brands like L***s ***tton. i think the truth is, he/she only recognizes that ONE brand only. when i mentioned about Christian Louboutin, nothing of recognition flickered in his/her eyes much of being a connoisseur. blerrggghhh!
that person would squint his/her eyes and point to whatever kind of bags that bore that particular logo of brand and ask bluntly, "is that the original thing?"
it's not like he/she owns anything from the brand..tolong la biar je org nk beli kat pasar mlm ke, wherever they bought that thing..original or not. it's not like in this country xde copied goods at all.
even if it's his/her own friend, he/she would be like piranha looking out for blood..or meat to chew on. if the friend said they bought this stuff or that stuff somewhere, but then the one who brags happened to come across a similar stuff somewhere else, like kedai biase with no brands..he/she would be in joy and said the friend's secret is out of the box already. what the?
and he/she even had the nerve to ask how much one spend for festive season..and then bragged that he/she would spend a few times more that everyone else.
i felt like strangling that person already. ala stakat nk blagak tnjuk kaya, i'm not impressed AT ALL. tolong la grow up. after i spent the day feeling like it's wasted for being in the wrong company, i felt like banging my head as hard as i could. how could i forget about the 'impressive' quality that particular person possess? i've known about it before, and i forgot..nice memory i've got, huh.
that totally dampen my day, and i hope i would remember next time not to go anywhere with that person..and of course not to buy anything in his/her presence.

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