Saturday, August 29, 2009

a short while

my mom cooked some food for my sis since she couldn't come home. well, at least until right before raya. pity her, this is actually her first Ramadhan without us. so this morning we went up north to KL. we spent only a few minutes together, and the rest of the time..what else? shopping - picking out clothes and queuing up to try them on, queuing up to pay..seems that queuing up took most of our time there.
here are some of the pics that i took in the car..

i still love this song even tho it keeps repeating the 'taking back my love' part..and it's been a while since it came out..

p/s: i was sleeping and dreaming about a really HOT guy this morning when my sister called me and woke me up..haisshhh..hoping that i can get the same dream tonight :p yg sedeynye da x ingt how he looks like..

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