Wednesday, March 21, 2012

all this talk

I've been wanting to get a new job for a while, since the environment was a tad bit (a bit, huh?) suffocating at work. And besides, I need to look for something which has a better prospect for me. Because even if the pay is okay, I can't really wait for at least one year just to get promoted one level up. How long do I have to wait before I can be where I aim to be?

Working there was fun, but lately it's been a bore..especially since business is a bit slow. So I tried hard looking out for something else. Days went by without any news, until one call came for me. Then other companies seek me out for interviews. I was excited, thinking of the windows of opportunity that have opened up.

This morning I got the news that I got the job I wanted, but I haven't got the chance to talk to the other - so I need to put my decision on hold.

One thing is confirmed, that I'm taking off the green apron. I feel happy, but at the same time I feel sorry for my manager. But things like this happen all the time, right. It could happen to me in the future too. Karma, I know.
I'm gonna miss the coffee, and all the Korean customers. That is for sure.

Today's a great day for my youngest brother too. He was so moody all the time before - because of his driving tests, and because of the SPM result coming out. Then he passed the tests, but he was still moody. Maybe he was really scared of what unexpected thing could pop out.
But, he got a call yesterday (yes, a day before the result is announced) from his teacher saying he needs to go to the state's education dept. He thought the teacher could have made a mistake, still didn't believe it and he couldn't really sleep last night. My brother is one of the top 3 students at Mozac.
I'm the only one who didn't do as well as my siblings, and I'm the eldest :p Shame on me.


A Girl Like You said...

Congratz to ur brother :)

cahya indah said...

a girl like you: thank you ;)

miss shera said...

congratz to ur bro n gudlak to u dear ;)

cahya indah said...

miss shera: thank you for the wish :) excited and nervous dah ni.

somuffins said...

Congratulations to you n your brother.

Lagi muda bagus melompat2 kerja. Get a job that can make you happy.

Messy Mummy said...

congrats to both of you... hopefully new job will make u happier and your bro.. Caya lah!

cahya indah said...

auntie Som: thank you, auntie :)
tapi lepas ni kena ikat 1 year..da takde la lompat2 keje. hehe

cahya indah said...

MM: thank you..i hope to be happier working at thie new company too :)

PatinPasta said...

Congrats for your new job! You're extremely young to just settle with your former job, you know. Keep looking till you find what you really want. You might not know it now but when you've found it, you';; know for sure. Good luck with the new job. Bila mula ni?

And congrats to your brother too! Top 3, wow!

And don't get :( la Cahya. Adik akak pon genius (tak macam akak dia yang selalu ponteng kelas bagai). We did what we could. Tu je yang penting.

cahya indah said...

kak Aida: thank you :) tapi kan Cahya rasa I'm not that young anymore, that's why tak boleh nak stay lama2 kat current job..hihi. I'm left with two weeks kat Mermaid, then dah start training kat shah alam. seronok jugak dapat balik sana.

Cahya pun selalu ponteng kelas dulu :P