Sunday, March 18, 2012


I already told my manager last month that I need extra rest days because of this trip, and he was okay with it. I was excited ever since then, but felt the days could have gone faster so I can be away from work and have fun..eating. Yeah, that was what I planned long ago and that was what I did there.

We didn't reach Kelantan on the first day. The journey started from home, then to Shah Alam and then we headed to KL. After I finished taking care of things there, which was around 1 in the afternoon, only did we head to Kuantan and onwards. We decided to stop for the night in Kuala Terengganu, which was great because the next morning I got my fill of Akok gula pasir, Akok gula merah and another type of kueh that I don't know the name, at Pasar Payang. I go crazy whenever there is an array of kueh waiting to be picked by me :p

Then we continued the drive towards Kelantan and picked up my sister. We had vegetarian lunch because my sister loves to eat that at the cafeteria. We walked around Bazar Buluh Kubu after we had some rest and mom bought Batik shirts for my brother. That night we went to Wakaf Che Yeh and it was totally different from the last time I went there. It was packed with people because the next day was Friday and they don't have to work. I felt suffocated having to walk at narrow alleys with people bumping into each other all the time. I didn't really look at the stuff there after a while, I was trying to figure out which way we came from.

This photo was taken the next morning, after breakfast at Pasar Siti Khadijah. We went there quite late, and I didn't see any Akok at the stall near the stairs. Only Bahulu was left. If not, I'd surely buy some from the lady.

After that we spent some time at KB Mall, then back to the hotel for a nap before going out again. This time we went to the night market near my sister's campus. There were so many food that I wanted to try. But we could end up wasting them, so I tried very hard not to be tempted by everything :p There's this kueh which has yam cubes in rice flour and wrapped in a leaf, which made it looked a bit like kueh was so nice.


where else can we get coconut shake with this price?
love the one with grated coconut filling

The next morning we bought even more kueh for breakfast. It was the best holiday for me, especially since there's no telling if it's the last one for a long time after this. We stopped at the Crystal mosque because I've never been there. Yeah, lame I know.

Another stop was at Kampung Geliga, Kemaman for satar and otak-otak. And so we were done with the stops along the journey. Maybe I really should move to the east coast..hehe.


somuffins said...

Awak cuti2 Msia rupanya ya? Jauh berjalan tu..

I pun boleh naik gila bila tengok kuih muih in abundance dpn mata; mulalah nak beli semua.

I pernah bergambar dpn masjid kristal tu. Baru sekali ke K.T'ganu but never been to Kelantan.

cahya indah said...

auntie Som, memang jauh berjalan..sampai sakit badan duduk dalam kereta for hours.

selalu kalau trips macam ni memang Cahya will be on lookout for kuih2 and food yang different than the usual..barulah dapat rasa new stuff kan :)

PatinPasta said...

Ni cuti-cuti JJCM ke? Kalo kasitau awal2, buleh akak ngikut. Bab2 makan ni memang laju :D

Seronok tengok barisan kuih-muih tu. Tabek kat Cahya sebab kuat iman, tak beli kesemuanya. Hehe!

Ni ada sambungan lagi tak ni?

cahya indah said...

memang pun cuti JJCM, kak Aida. sebab tak pegi meronda mana pun, ingat perut dengan tekak je..hehe.

takde sambungan la, kak. ni je yang ada, kalau pegi places and banyak photos maybe ada la more than 1 post.