Tuesday, August 14, 2012


today KBS World is airing the final episode of this Big drama..and I've only realized the significance now T___T

Image via allkoreandrama

I haven't watched all the episodes..that is usual for me now. I will get only snippets of the stories. But one thing I clearly get from this Big story..it's definitely not easy to have a relationship with a younger guy.
There would have to be a lot of changes for both sides. One person needs to grow up for a bit, and the other needs to revisit her younger years :p

I would only listen to English and Korean songs, but I'm making an exception and starting to listen to Malay songs again after so long. It will take some time  for me to get used to it, since I know nothing of the new songs. Whenever people around me sing Malay songs..I would just sit there quietly coz I don't know any of those songs.
And maybe I should stop reading horoscopes..but they're too amusing to stop :p

Oh, I need to learn how to be more patient..but being patient is not in my blood, just like some people who don't like texting (because it's in their blood).

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