Thursday, August 9, 2012


Out of nowhere that word came to me..

I was thinking of how bad I am treating this would have lost it's voice if it can talk - calling me over and over again. Wondering where on earth I am that I haven't written anything for so long. I do visit other blogs sometimes, which I do less frequent now..unlike when I used to do it daily (or even a few times a day) when I had all the time in the world :p
But when it comes to writing something, I felt like I couldn't be bothered anymore (especially after reading so many posts from other bloggers in one go). My eyes would now.

I already spent 4 months plus with this current organization..and it's nearing the time for me to say goodbye. I know 4 months is such a short period of time and I know some people who are very loyal to their job, that they could stay for more than 6 years. My trainer saw something in me, I think..coz he once said to me "I know you wouldn't stay long with this job". I was adamant about holding on to it..with both hands that I said I'm staying for long.

But a chance like this is so hard to come by. Everything started when I came back to my hometown. Somehow working here made me lost interest. And I know God knows best. A week after I came back to work here, I went to meet my former manager and colleagues at Mermaid..wishing I was still working there. I said to my manager (half-joking and half-wishing he will remember it) that to be sure to let me know if there's an opening, thinking that I would spend as long as I can holding on to this job and run back to Mermaid once I have more experience and when the right time comes. I sincerely thought it wouldn't be for a long, long time before I would get that call.

Then, just 2 days after that (I think) my manager called me up and asked me to come see him. I guessed as much, that it would be about the job. He wanted me to work for him that as soon as he got the green light to hire another person under him, he told his superior that he had me in mind. And he was quite surprised that the superior (known to be a strict one, and I used to 'fear' her too :p) wanted me too..even when she's known for not giving another chance to those who already 'separated' from the company before. It was all a very fast affair, and I'm left with less than a week before starting anew at Mermaid.

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 But certainly I'm going to miss everyone I knew through this second company. I'm positive God planned something for me for this short while I spent there. To the person who's living 2-hours away from me who misses me..I miss you too.

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