Friday, November 20, 2009

after all..

been hearing everyone saying this particular movie was so good, so i decided to watch it..what movie eyh? it's (500) days of summer..even tho it's not the kind of movies that i would like coz of what really happened to the girl and the boy, but it's good. the narrator also said it wasn't a love story, it was a story about the boy, tom fell in love with the girl, summer. sadly, the girl didn't believe in love. that's the reality of's saying when u think or expect everything to turn out okay for u, it seldom does.
but still, don't give up on's out there waiting for u ;p
owh and i love this song zooey deschanel sang for karaoke..

p/s: for my friend who had the courage to let the guy know about ur feelings, u did a great job already. don't fret much and get well soon :)

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