Friday, November 27, 2009

the trip that we decided at the last-minute

my grandma wanted us to go to my auntie's house in Penang coz she's there for the that was what we did. 
it rained heavily, twice on the way to Penang..really heavy downpour, i was worried when we couldn't really see what's in front. only the hazard lights were visible. thankfully nothing bad happened.
we arrived there around 5 pm i think. after resting for a while, we went out for dinner at Key's. this time there's only one section left, there used to be other food offered..but now, there's just char kuey teow, satay, ytf and kerang rebus. and the service was really bad. i don't think we'll be going there again after that one last time. and the ytf, so cannot beat Taiping's..:p
the next day we went to the island, first stop was Chowrasta market. we got there when they had just started their business in the morning :p not many ppl around yet, can take picture..if not sure segan one..hehe.
after making the purchases, we made our way to Feringgi Beach. we went around and took some pictures, and had laksa and prawn mee by the beach, at the stalls near the Spice Garden. 
the prawn mee was a letdown, but laksa was quite good..owh, but i wish we stopped by Taiping to have the laksa sold by this pakcik at the foot of Maxwell Hill. his laksa was nicer.
after that we went to Queensbay Mall coz my mom said she wanted to buy some stuff for my cousins. i noticed there was not that many ppl there..why eyh?
that night we went to a kedai makan..maybe it's Siew Bee Chin, i couldn't recall the name much..huhu. it's stated that they offer hailam food. but i think they offer practically everythg..and all the races go there to eat. you can see Chinese patrons, Indians and Malays. really 1kedai 1Malaysia ;)
as usual, since we're already up north and so near to Alor Star..we stopped by Pekan Rabu. 
this stall is a must, every single time we are at Pekan Rabu. there are a lot of kuih to choose from, but the kuih bingka and lepat are really nice. a lot of things are sold here..pekasam, ikan kering, dodol, all sorts of kerepek, clothes, etc. there is a bazaar along the sides too, i guess coz today's Eid Adha..there are cakes and festive cookies offered. 
next stop, Kedah Padi Museum near Gunung Keriang. everyone else already went there, so my mom took me inside to show me the revolving painting. it was awesome..the painter's work was really detailed and he portrayed everything in vicinity of the museum. when we were there, there were 5 buses of Chinese school kids which made it really crowded. dunno why they're so interested in that particular museum, but according to my auntie, a lot of Chinese schools' students made trips to there. 
when it was time for lunch, we decided to go try for ourselves the Radix fried chicken. 
it's like KFC, but everything is locally made by this company HPA. i think it's great for a local product. yeah it need some changes, but i'd say keep up the good work..and when are you opening a new outlet here in Melaka? ;)
another stop, Masjid Zahir..the state mosque..i like the designs too.
that night we went to Bukit Mertajam, to my grandma's bestie's house. they went a long way back, when they were both living in the same area, when my mother was younger. she was really excited to see us coz the last time we met was when i was a few months old and my mom was preggy with my brother. they had a lot to talk, but sadly i can't understand anythg..*sigh*
with grandma and cousins
me with cousin Fernice
then the next day we came back and stopped to pick my sister for her Aidiladha holiday on the way home


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