Saturday, November 28, 2009

the much awaited..

after waiting for sooooo long, i got to watch New first i thot of watching Mulan today with my sister and will prolly watch New Moon with my brothers on Monday. but all of us decided to watch both. we arrived early at the ticket booth and we are fortunate to get kind-of-okay seats. usually i wouldn't choose the side rows, but then my fave seats are booked already. never mind..edward's the most important thing ;p
yeah, the book will always be better..but i love it no matter what. i'll watch it again and again and again..hehe
Mulan is something that i would totally recommend to everyone..well, we are the only 'non-pure' Chinese watching the movie..the others are all Chinese. but do go and watch it, it's well worth. i didn't even know Vicki Zhao acted as Mulan herself..i just sort of liked the ads i saw when i was at my auntie's house earlier this week. i think it's the real version of it, coz it didn't turn out as i hoped it would, being a romantic movies' fan myself. but still, Mulan is a good movie


Angel said...

i just watched new moon the other day too. didn't think it was so good. altho yeah, for edward, wouldn't mind watching it again. the book is much better. and edward was too white it made him look "less" good looking.. lol

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

So...out of 10, how would you rate it? Take 1 as worst and 10 as awesome =p

diya said...

angel: i think story-wise i prefer twilight, but the action parts are quite okay for new moon. well, the connection between bella and edward is kinda off in the movie. i wonder if they'll do better in eclipse..

gyan: i would rate 6 and a half for new moon i guess ;p have u watch it?