Monday, May 27, 2013

A wedding I would not miss for anything

Yesterday was historic, and I'm thankful that I get to see Zara on her big day. I would be devastated if I did not attend the event.

Well, actually I was late - I intended to go early in the morning. In time for the solemnization. But the schedule got messed up, so I only arrived at her house after the solemnization. But I still managed to catch them on the dais. It was hilarious, with all the directors behind the cameras telling them to do this and that. But they are a cool couple, and I can't stop smiling. I'm sooooo happy for her.

Mostly I just stood there in her room while she was getting ready for the reception. I did not help much, but I hope my presence there brought some good to her :p

Rare these days.

This is cute.
Were you still nervous at this time?

You, my friend is the best!!!

And I am surprised that her mom still recognizes me. I think the last time we met was the last day of matriculation. Yeah, around 8 years ago. May our friendship continues 80 years more.

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