Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Drools alert!!

One month and nothing can be heard from me. By this rate, there would only be less than ten posts in a year. I have plans to go on a long vacation - which exact date and duration have yet to be determined. Mom have been voicing out her wish to get me back to school. Both can only be done if I am to work in another place.
And that also means more time to get my thoughts out here.

All this while I can only soothe myself with food. Yeah, Operation Getting Me Fat. I have two partners in crime now.

Partner A is as adventurous, eat as much (sometimes more) and have a penchant for Korean/Japanese same like me. So we go to eat sushi and Korean food, plus everything else we'd feel like having. But she has yet to get permission to go out of this state.

So that's where Partner B comes in. She can join me for outstation excursion(s) - making me a happy kid when I can eat all those things not available here.

Lunch at Nandos today

Three cheese spinach lasagna

Pizza lover's request

Seafood curry something

Salmon sushi

Ikea meatballs

Love this Double Choc latte

Sukiya's teriyaki chicken rice

My current wish is to have my own food program. I don't even need payment, just give me all the food for free ;D
I'm craving for Salmon sushi now. -__-

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