Friday, May 24, 2013

Business partners

I had thoughts about going to answer The Apprentice Asia call back then. Haha. The hype about The Apprentice was so huge, although I was never a big fan. I would catch whatever episode was on at that time, but I did not really follow it.

Who knew years later, I'd be choosing this field. Maybe I was drawn to it because of the show. Kudos to Donald Trump then.

I happened to notice the first episode of The Apprentice Asia, because I followed Sazzy Falak's Instagram. She is the wife of Nash, one of the contestant from Malaysia..if you are wondering. And I stumbled across one of the reruns while surfing the channels. Lucky me, I guess.
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I think Alex has advantages, although we have yet to see everyone else's. He speaks four languages including Mandarin AND I just discovered that he's French.
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I dislike Hendy when he brought to light that it was his pricing partner's fault and also Alex's fault that they make more loss than actually breaking even. It was apparent that he could not control his team members and he lacked of strategy. So, thankfully we can say bye bye to him.

For Team Apex, I am going for Andrea. Nik is showing some things that could tell a lot, but let's just sit back and enjoy the show.

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