Friday, January 14, 2011


this semester will see us showing our best effort in looking like real pro actors and actresses, coz almost all classes that i'm taking for this 5th semester include some sort of role play a.k.a drama. it feels like we're heading towards mass comm students' direction :p

as long as there won't be a lot of other assignments, i'm up for it. guess there's a lot of benefit of the theatre class that i took a couple of semester before ;) and that's not all, there will be academic visits to various organizations too...yeay. that's what we're looking forward to. especially for Mr Idham who mentioned it rightaway during our first meeting when he haven't even know our names.

his classes are the best, as predicted. full of laughters and shrieks from us, and very relaxed - my favorite of all. he mentioned Dr A. H. Roslan Harahap's blog and sang praises about it and Dr A. H. Roslan Harahap himself. but it's full of economics stuff and all the terms, and i'm not the person who would read all the lengthy words when it's not of my interest. so i checked out his wife's blog: Siregar Marjamita and feast my eye on the pictures displayed. that's more like me ;)

i've just been hit with the news that for diploma students of UiTM, next semester (which is my last) will start on 30th May - way faster than i expected. there goes my beloved vacation. the best part is the semester will end earlier too. that means i'll finish my diploma earlier a few months. it seems a bit rushed though.

another good news is i don't have to sit for MUET again. that's triple big yeay. but i thought i had to because of the validity period and stuff, and already submitted the form with the fee paid. then i heard from this other girl that we don't have to sit for it again. so i'm gonna meet the lecturer in-charge and withdraw my form, and of course get my money back. such a hassle, but it was my mistake afterall. need to confirm the facts before taking action next time.

next step - - - > plan my admission for degree before July 2013, so i really don't have to sit for MUET again.


NahWaL said...

heylooo :)

cahya indah said...

hye NahWaL ;) thanks for dropping your comment here..