Saturday, January 22, 2011


i started to use thefaceshop pore minimizer controlling emulsion since a year ago, though there were a lot of occasions when i was too lazy to put it on before sleeping :p

i was encouraged after watching Glory of the Family. the stepmother in the drama always took care of her skin before sleeping, and so i have the urge of also to pat something light and not sticky on my face. since the brand is from Korea, it suits my preference. i'm partial to skin care from Korea, especially for being an Asian. Asian would understand Asian better, right.

and now i'm addicted to their mask sheet range. i've tried the Vita-E mask sheet, which is my current favorite.

and last night i tried the ceramide essential mask sheet - it's not up to my liking though with the watery solution.

can't wait to test the other masks i bought...
my preference towards this brand has nothing to do with Hyun-joong, but it's a bonus i guess ;)

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