Friday, January 21, 2011


it's been a few days but i can still remember the dream. it was so vivid, but sadly i couldn't recall her face. i even remembered that i gave birth to her at home without any medical assistance (you know how scary that can be), i noticed mom being there though. she was cheering for me and even giving instructions. i cut the cord by myself, what a weird one.

it was fast-paced though. one minute she was swaddled in blanket, and cooing to me while i was holding her. the next she was already a toddler, walking with shaky steps - one after another. she even sat next to me at the dinner table and i gave her some sort of gooey chocolatey cookies in a bowl which she wiped clean much to my delight. i'm giving sugar to a baby - bad mom :p

can i order one just like her? :p
picture googled

that's pretty much of it, i need to have this dream again. or maybe Part 2 would be better.

i think this dream is some kind of signal, that my mom's gonna talk about grandkids soon. she's always excited about my aunt's grandchildren. haha. i'm gonna have a talk with my brother and get him to get married first :p

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