Saturday, January 1, 2011


i've watched Playful Kiss a.k.a Naughty Kiss a.k.a Mischievous Kiss with Kim Hyun-joong and Jeong So-min as the main couple. they took the part of Baek Seung-jo and Oh Ha-ni, respectively.

there would be nothing wrong with any drama with KHJ as the cast ;)

just that i think the drama is so similar to Goong a.k.a Princess Hours with the teddy bears at the end of each episode. There are other similarities too, like the girls always hung out in the classroom full of drawings, and the cute places they go to - Oh Gi-dong's noodle shop, the salon where Ha-ni's friend Joo-ri works at, etc. at times Oh Ha-ni's character is similar with Sin Chae-kyeong of Princess Hours too - the hairstyles, the weird school uniform (when Ha-ni helped to retrieve the canned drinks for a junior and Baek Seung-jo), her face expressions. maybe it's because both drama were directed by Hwang In-roi
funny vending machine scene

all in all Playful Kiss is a beautiful drama. starting with Oh Ha-ni having a major crush on Baek Seung-jo, the best student in Parang high school and luck seems to be on Ha-ni's side by the time they were nearing graduation.

She and her dad moved in with Seung-jo's family. She's favored by Seung-jo's mother who helped to keep them together. Seung-jo's mother is an interesting character too, keeping tabs on her son while in disguise but was always found out and taking pictures of Seung-jo and Ha-ni.
when Seung-jo tricked Ha-ni 
pictures googled

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