Saturday, September 10, 2011

it's okay

I watched It's okay, daddy's girl (Gwaenchanna, appa ttal) starring Moon Chae-won as the main character. The drama was okay, but the character Park Jeon-seok was really scary when he stalked Eun Chae-ryeong and did everything just to make her fall for him. He even paid a guy to scare her and planned to act as the 'hero'.

That started the problems in the drama.

I love the two guys in this drama (although there's a whole load of 'em cute guys) Kang Sung as Jeong Jin-goo and Choi Jin-hyeok as Choi Hyeok-gi.
Kang Sung
Choi Jin Hyuk and Suju's Donghae as brothers
I did not favor Jeong Jin-goo at first as he seemed to be some sort of a rich jerk who can't stop drooling at girls, and preferred Ae-ryeong (Chae-ryeong's unni) to get married to Dr.Hong (the one who treated their father). But as Jin-goo and Ae-ryeong started living together after their marriage, Jin-goo became a changed man and he made me fell for him :p He was very protective of Ae-ryeong and her family...and his sunny disposition is just addictive.

Choi Hyeok-gi, although different from attractive in his own way. He's an upright person and very attentive towards Chae-ryeong. He's always running towards her direction whenever she's in trouble and that made him so sweet.

I want them both <<<<<<< greedy :p

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