Thursday, September 15, 2011

last Eid celebration

It seems that everywhere is celebrating Eid these week, I saw two of my friends' photos of the celebration at work. And today is our campus' turn.

I went to last year's but not the one before. Last year's was held at a different venue, the parking lot beside the old academic building. Every stall was clustered in one place, so you could go around in one circle and pick which stall has the least people lining up for food food you like.This time it was held at the Admin building - the stalls were everywhere that we had to go this way and that way to see what is available.

And as we've experienced it once where our friends didn't get any food because they went there a lil bit late, we decided to go early this time. Besides last year's celebration was held during class hours (the food were finished up in no time), and this week we're already finished with our classes - you can take a guess just how long the food will be there :p

As early as we wanted to go, we arrived around 10 am and the celebration started at 8.30 am. There  were a lot of food, prepared by each residential college and also the Non-Residents (NR) club. But I didn't look at the stalls' names - only at those tempting yummy food.There were the usuals - nasi himpit, rendang ayam, lemang, rendang daging, Raya cookies, satay...and also other types of food - yong tau foo, chapati, ayam golek, rojak buah, nasi lemak, etc. I didn't get to eat ayam golek and satay...too full with the other stuff and the line was too long.

nasi himpit and rendang

I feel that this one is better than last year's because everyone is everywhere and we got to feast our eyes on everyone passing by our spot. There was this one family of 5 or 6 girls (maybe a lecturer's) - that donned the same orange baju kurung. They looked very close in age with the youngest looking like she's 2 - they looked really adorable.
the four of us in line for ice cream

thumbs up ;)
Oh, and our beloved Rector rode a bicycle around the compound - but I didn't take a good look. Last year he rode on the scooter on display :p

Somehow I'm starting to miss this place - even though I can't wait to pack everything up and say my goodbye to this place.


ahkakbatik said...

teringat kaktek zaman skolah dulu... la ni pi stall convo depa tanya "makcik nak beli apa?"... grrrr...

cahya indah said...

hehe. diorang tak reti beli jiwa customer la kaktek. cer panggil akak ke..semangat sikit nak membeli kan ;)