Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the stars of the event

As I've written here, it's nearing the end of the 3-year term for me and my friends. The 3 years are just for formalities of course, in reality it's just a little over 2 years..but the time we spent together here are full of bittersweet moments.

We were strangers, we shook hands, got to know each other - some become close friends, some fought over something trivial, some swapped friends with others, then we got to know each other again. It's a never ending cycle. A little sneak preview of the world out there. I can be called a veteran already, because I feel like I can understand the gist of the things that happened - well, some of it. If it took that long for me to understand this, what can be said for the world out there? Centuries long before finding the rhythm??

Enough about that. I've been wanting to write about my Pre-graduation luncheon before, but I can only do it now.

The event was held last Saturday at A Famosa Resort in Alor Gajah, Melaka. It was supposed to be held at a different location, but they changed the venue and we had to be content with it. It's nearer to our house and we didn't have to start off that early.

We had to wait more than 2 hours before the event started though. It's bad enough that we were tired having to wake up early that day, and they had to arrive that late. Fortunately it meant we didn't have to listen to a lot of long speeches.
Some of us

After two speeches and giving away the certificates to those exceptional students, it was time to eat. They prepared a lot of dishes - mutton curry, sweet and sour fish fillet, lemon chicken, buttered prawns, potato masala, squid..but it was as I expected. They emphasis on the quantity and not quality. There were a lot of half eaten dishes left, and not to count those portion meant for all those Mass Communication students that didn't attend because they were busy organizing another event.

That event indicated we're ready to move on to another matter what we will be doing and where we'll be.

Oh, and I was surprised when a friend told me that I was a candidate for the Best Student for the course too. I thought the others had better chances than me. But she said it was between me and the one who got the title. Blame myself for not being diligent enough and not getting more As in the past..hehe. I wasn't hoping for that, because I knew just how much effort I put in during those times.

That said, I'm happy that I can understand myself better this time. Looking forward to an adventurous future ahead ;)
too excited :p

With the Rector