Monday, October 17, 2011

the end

I remembered talking to my mom just a couple of days ago about all these tragedies that happened, after reading the newspaper. And that was after I read about a guy in Ipoh who was slashed to death outside his house by an old man. There were several other disturbing news, but that one was etched in my mind.

No matter how I look at it, we are living in a very dangerous world. Shouldn't everyone be alarmed at the rate of crime committed these days? How can we walk outside our house without thinking someone out there could harm us from now on?

I recalled years ago there was news about a mentally ill guy who got on a bus and slashed people on board. That got me thinking - what if a family member rides a bus (or any public transport for that matter) and encounter that?

Okay, there's that.

Then there's people who don't seem to care about others in need AT ALL.

Have you read or seen the news about this little 2 year old girl in China who was ran over by vehicles? The driver of the van who ran her down could be forgiven if  he/she just stop and see what they've just knocked down. But no. And the passersby couldn't care less - they just looked at her like she's some doll lying on the road. Then came another one than ran over her again, before being discovered by a lady. How could they do this to the little kid? We watched the video on the 9 o'clock news and were appalled by what we can see. Poor little girl.
This should tell us just how bad human beings are. Shame on you people.

Images via chinaSMACK


somuffins said...

It saddens me too :-(

Sometimes I just read the headlines; but most of the time I just ignore stories that make me worried (maka jadilah I sorang yang tak tau hal 'dunia', sigh).

cahya indah said...

somuffins: auntie, that's true. usually I'd skip reading or watching the news - because every time I did all sorts of bad things kept being reported. Hate that.

wahida said...

mmg sedih pasal budak dua tahun tu...tak gamak nak tgk...

semoga kita semua dijauhkan drp malapetaka dan sifat2 keji seperti tu...

ibundo said...

Duduk dalam rumah pun dah rasa tak selamat. Berhampiran rumah bundo ni, ada rumah neighbor dimasuki orang. kena ikat dan dirompak.
My own sis in last ramadhan, kena rompak pakai parang panjang di halaman rumah sendiri semasa penyapu sampah.
Semacam tak ada tempat yang selamat. Hati-hatilah kalau cahya keluar.

Minnie said...

I very much agree with you! Everyday it seems that there's nothing but negative. We open the newspaper and see NEGATIVE. We turn on the tv and we see NEGATIVE. I'm not only referring to current events too, but also the media. Listen to the hit songs, odds are their message behind their catchy lyrics are NEGATIVE. I'm glad that someone else has recognized this negative trend ongoing in our world.
Lots of love,

cahya indah said...

wahida: akak, tu la pasal..sampai pejam2 mata masa tengok video tu.

Bundo: Betul sangat tu. Cahya pun selalu dengar orang kena rompak. Memang kat luar dengan kat dalam rumah sama je tak selamat.

Minnie: I think people are influenced by all the negativity that's buzzing around us.

ahkakbatik said...

gambar before after tu auntie tak dpt tengok... blank je tapi dah tgk video kat blog mamayana.

memang terkedu dan sometimes buat kita rasa dunia full of heartless people sebab cerita yg teruk2 je... yg cinta2 dah jadi cerita khayalan drama.
instead of cerita artis je, they should focus on aspects on humanity.. but sadly ..we're truly running out of it. imagine dunia 100 thn lg...
emm takyah imagine lah... aunti dah RIP... :)

cahya indah said...

auntie, diorang dah remove la kot gambar2 tu.
betul apa auntie cakap tu, patut diorang focus on the real situation sekarang instead of letting people think that the world is all pretty and nice.
kalau 100 years more, Cahya pun dah selamat dah auntie..hehe.

PatinPasta said...

I don't have the guts to watch the videos/photos of the lil girl and from what you've described.. it's unbelievable. Such a sad and horrifying thing when we as humans have come to a level where someone's life just doesn't mean anything anymore. It's sad.

cahya indah said...

Akak, don't watch the video..I'm still having a hard time pushing away those images from my mind. Apparently, those people who ignored the little girl couldn't be blamed for their 'ignorance'..the local law could make them be at fault for those injuries, even if they meant no harm and wanted to just help another human being.
Those responsible are the van drivers..they're really sick.