Saturday, October 8, 2011

little time

My family dropped by at my place just now, after the ceremony that I mentioned before. Actually, they went to visit my youngest brother before coming here. It's a bit sad that the first convocation among our siblings was only attended by my parents. As I said, I have to sit for the last exam paper (EVER for now :p) tomorrow, youngest brother is at school and sister is currently too far to attend the ceremony.

So, we make do with what we can. Take photos for our keepsake separately and sent one to my sister..thank God for the technology.

This is the only photo I got, as my brother kept rushing me to hurry. They were up and about since early morning and had to go through the horrible traffic congestion (that I noticed everyone mentioned and tweeted about). I spent only minutes with them today.

How I wished I was there to watch the joy & delight on everyone's face and the excitement of taking photos together - after years of countless sweat and tears, to be where they are now. I've always liked graduation pictures ever since I was small. And I bet I'd be too busy to notice anything when my time arrives. I'm going to take out the photo album tomorrow when I'm home and flip through all those pictures of my high school graduation ;)

How time flies.


somuffins said...

Congrats to your brother n your parents. They sure are proud of him; and soon it's gonna be you.

Bila anak2 yang grad; mak ayah tak dapat tidak berair juga mata :-)

cahya indah said...

somuffins: auntie, Thank you..bagi pihak. Boleh kira early wish for me jugak la kann..hehe.
Yang baru habis belajar ni pun macam nak berair mata je, lepas satu tanggung jawab :)