Monday, October 31, 2011

green with envy

Should I make green as my blog theme? It seems like I'm very into green these days..haha.

Me and mom are always talking about how young the Korean actors look - they even look younger now compared to years back. We'd watch a recently-aired drama and figured out the protagonist or the second guy as an actor we've seen before (in another drama) and almost always they'll look younger than before.

And more handsome too. Just look at Park Si-hoo's photos. I didn't watch The Princess' Man because I just hate it when I can't follow every episode of any drama, and I was still in Lendu when it started.

But...yes, there is a but..I did watch the last two episodes. Just because he's too hard to resist. He looked phenomenal in his dark rebel getup and even won me over with the beard and traces of moustache he wore (I don't usually go for guys with that look) years after he 'died'.

Image via K-starz
Image via Hancinema

Should I invest in those Korean skincare and cosmetics companies? :p


Anonymous said...


just wanna say i love your dream list. the younger me had an almost similar list.

keep being positive, those things are definitely achievable. my own Ikea tag 'you don't have to be rich to travel' :}

cahya indah said...

Noir: Thank you, I love my dream list too..but there's many places that I didn't include there. I'm going to read your travel blog :)

PatinPasta said...

Caya lah.. tengok drama Korea dengan your Mom! Akak kalo bukak CSI jek.. Mak akak dah buat muka busan.

Hmm.. ada tengok tak drama Korea yang heroin dia nama Sam Soon tu? (lupa dah amende nama drama tu :D).

Invest.. jangan tak invest! :D

cahya indah said...

mula2 dulu my mom tak minat pun drama Korea..sekarang ni, dok tengok semua kat KBS tu..hehe. yang best sebab boleh tumpang tengok dvd drama Korea banyak2.

drama 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon' tu..faveret Cahya jugak. suka tengok dia baking, hero pun comel..hehe.

somuffins said...

Tak come you tak panggil Noir as Uncle Noir??? I berpiket kang... :-)

I pernah 'paksa' my late Mak to watch Planet of the Apes kat tivi. Of cos dia tak minat, hehe.

Ripley's BION <- short for tu .. that I've never follow any Korean dramas/movies tapi tersuka lagu Winter Sonata introduced masa budak AF nyanyi dulu. Apa pun, shopping kat sinun is heaven.

cahya indah said...

auntie, Cahya tak tau uncle Noir is uncle..will call him uncle from now on. Thank you, auntie..hehe.

my mom kalau tak minat, jawabya tido je la..tivi tengok dia :p

Winter Sonata tu faveret my mom..dia boleh repeat tengok banyak2 kali..sampai dah hafal tang bila ending episode tu. as for me, baru nak tengok ni..tengah tengok actually.

Ohh bila lah Cahya nak dapat pegi shopping kat sana.