Tuesday, October 11, 2011

when it's already written

I came across this lovely story about how a girl and a boy who met during elementary and never met again after that until years and years later from here. How can we not fall for this story - real, and not made up - after reading it? This is not a script written by someone for a storybook or a movie.

This is a story written by God for them. They could not force what is not meant to be, yet. But when the time comes, it's revealed to be a sweet thing all along. A delight even for me when I read it. I adore these kind of love the most, when you've known someone, then lost all contact with that person, searched high and low, but still don't have any clue of where and how to find that someone. And when the time arrives, it's like every door opens up and everything points out the direction to where we are supposed to head to.

This has destiny and fate written all over it.
Image from World Around Me


ibundo said...

kalau dah jodoh, tak kemana kan? Cahya dah jumpa?

cahya indah said...

Bundo, soalan susah nak jawab tu. macam Bundo cakap, kalau dah jodoh tak kemana..insyaAllah :)