Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today is the worst - I'm not in the mood for anything other than listening to this song over and over again. Do you have any idea how many hours it has been? Right after I woke up this morning, until now.

And just now I had flashbacks from the past, of the couple of years I spent in a secluded place north from here. Those times were the best I ever had, first time living far from family and meeting all sorts of people. Some of them are Suraya, Sarah and my classmates: Syed Azman, Nuex, and Shahirah. Suraya, Sarah and Nuex are all MUA, and I hope I'll be able to collaborate with them someday. Azman's a teacher currently residing over the sea ;) and Shahirah's busy preparing for her big day that's coming real soon. Best wishes to her. Of course there are a lot others.

I think our school could well be listed as the place to find love. I'm not pulling your leg, seriously. We were the first batch of students to graduate from there, and we witnessed our own teachers getting married to each other (some of the unions were expected, some we had no idea of) and even our friends who got married - one of the firsts to tie the knot. Recently another couple got married years after being together.

I wasn't thinking about those things actually.

I thought of our barely-equipped science labs, and the fact that we did several experiments when there were supplies. I miss those newly built labs, which of course won't look the same now. And those times we simply slide down from those high stools, to take a much needed nap behind the cabinets so the teacher won't realize :p

Our teachers were mostly young, and we had so much fun with them. Oh I love the time spent with my homeroom siblings and teacher. Nuex was my homeroom brother and Dee that got married to our schoolmate was our sister. We even called our homeroom teacher Papa and he was so nice to us. Those birthday celebrations we had together were wonderful.

The camps I attended - English camp near the waterfall (Ulu Yam if I'm not mistaken), the BTN camp in Perak, the motivational camp around Batang Kali (not really sure) in which our team got the first place. There were many beautiful memories. This picture was taken during the English camp, but I couldn't remember if it's the one that I went to. Our English language teachers were a creative and fun bunch. They organized all sorts of programs for us - English Camp, English Night, SEED (or was it SEEDS?) program etc.
taken from a friend's FB

The school's Sports Day, where I was bullied to join in the track event by a teacher. It was painful, I had to practice running every day before the event..only to end up last (as expected :p) And not to mention our school was new at that time and there were no big shady trees around the field. We ended up going back home red as tomatoes.

Going back home every month on the commuter from Rawang to Seremban, and almost always stopping at KL Sentral because it was our hangout place. It was also because many came from around KL and Selangor, and of course it became the dating place before going home. ;)
just recalled that this picture is available, from FB too
I really, really missed those times.


ibundo said...

Those were the days.....
They walked away but the happy moments they brought will always linger in our minds.

cahya indah said...

Bundo: feels like going through it all over again. Even with every mistakes done and wrong turns I took.